Performance Poetry With Style

This week has seen Library Fest in Leeds Libraries and as part of the event, we of Writers in the Rafters were invited to read out our work today throughout Central Library.  It’s a magnificent building – take a Heritage Tour, you will love it – with plenty of atmospheric places to stand and read.

We went round as a group, those of us who wanted to reading our samples of our work with the rest leafleting the somewhat-stunned library users, although we did very quickly pick up a few followers who trailed after us to hear everyone’s performances.

I was stationed with Susan, a relative newcomer to the group with a unique and talented way with words and a wicked sense of fun. She read one poem in the style of Mae West and it’s fair to say, it was a triumph. She had led with a short story and I’d chosen just poetry to read – several people in the group commented, as I usually only bring stories to the group, so it was nice to show my other face.

Highlight for me was reading ‘Give Blood – Play Rugby’ and a young fellow on the staircase opposite stopping, listening, starting off up the stairs again, coming back, and staying for the rest of the poem. And the unexpected ground-floor applause when I was reading on the second floor.

Everyone who read did well, but a special mention for Melissa who got the toughest gig – the balcony in the Local History Library. She also got a captive audience, though, and her work was very well received.

Must end with a particular thanks to Ben, our Librarian-facilitator who leads our group. Without him there are so many stories which would halve lain untold, drifting as half-formed thoughts and never finding release. He’s worked tirelessly to encourage us all and never fails to see the positive in a piece of work.  We are all really appreciative of his efforts and there are never enough opportunities to say how much the group values his constant support.

…Let’s try that again, shall we…?

I began this blog with determination and high hopes and posted… all of twice!   That was two years ago, to my shame, and although I have been happily posting away on another blog, had actually all but forgotten about this one…

So, I will try to update more often.

I will try to use this blog to record any writing achievements of note… and will begin with saying the nano novel for 2012, The Sundered, is now available on Amazon in both physical and electronic formats.

Writing under the pseudonym Wynja2007, I’ve been entering the Teitho Challenge this year and have won twice.  Follow the link to read the story, ‘Fast Friends’.

NaNo Day One

My nascent novel is going by the title of ‘The Sundered and it’s an exploration of issues of self and death and being ‘differently alive’  It cam out of an idea I had while writing a short story, ‘Sanctuary at Silver Estuary’ where I didn’t have space to explore the backstories of my two main characters.

Day one has gone well.  The daily total is 1667 words; I’ve hit 2,220 and a good point to break off; I’ve introduced some characters and explained the set up of the story and introduced the concept of being ‘sundered’.  Having set up expectations, I now need to unroll them for the reader…

There is another project I’ve been working on which I really didn’t want to abandon for a month while doing NaNo; I’ve decided that, as long as I hit my daily target, I can indulge in a little playtime with ‘The Everdeath Effect’ as well.  It’s currently at 67K.

The Day Before it Starts….

I’ve taken part in National Novel Writing Month since 2006 and every year have reached the goal of 50,000 words all written in the month of November.

This blog is a diary of NaNo2012 in the hope that it will provide encouragement and support for those other NaNoers out there…


Today – clean the house, sort out the laundry, batten down the hatches, go shopping (online) so we won’t starve while I’m writing and have a last-minute plotting session with a multicoloured pen and a piece of A3…